Chic and Eek: Celebrity Intervention

I ask you: is there a woman on earth who doesn’t think Rachel McAdams is charming and adorable?

From Notebook disciples to Mean Girls devotees, we pretty much all love her.

Here’s a picture of our girl at the London premiere of Morning Glory. In my opinion — please chime in if you disagree — this is not an especially memorable dress.

Or is it?

Upon closer inspection, there’s far less than meets the eye!

I love how Indiana Jones is sensibly bundled up against the elements while poor Rachel is clad in little more than purple heels and Hollywood Fashion Tape.

I’m sure it was just a momentary lapse of reason. Two days prior, she trotted down another red carpet looking absolutely luscious in Berlin.

Grecian glamor. Magnificent color. Terrific fit.

Now this.

This is a dress worth shivering for.

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