Chambray Is Back

Have y’all noticed that the chambray shirt, that vestige of the 1990s, is magically back in style?

It’s right here in the J. Crew catalog looking surprisingly modern and fresh. (Recycling note: If you have a chambray souvenir from back in the day, it probably won’t do. By all means try it on to make sure, but remember: everything was so oversized in those days. The proportions will probably be off.)
Here’s how to wear this trend the Annabel Manners way:
1. Concentrate on finding the right tailored fit. The one shown here is touted as a boyfriend shirt, but you’ll notice the model is hardly swimming in it. Find one that suits you or alter a shirt that’s almost your size.
2. Have fun pairing it with something new and now. I’m thinking about doing chambray with crisp white jeans tucked into knee-high boots. Or brightly colored cords. Oh, the possibilities!
3. Inevitably, you’ll read somewhere that it’s acceptable to pair chambray with denim. Tread lightly, unless you’re actually going to a rodeo. Or you’re a supercool Nylon-reading hipster who’s four seasons ahead of the rest of us.
Have a chic weekend, everybody!
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