Cell Phones In Restrooms

Wanna be a gracious girl?
Here are three simple acts that will catapult you to the head of the class.
1. Hold doors for strangers.
2. Never miss an opportunity to say “please” or “thank you.”
3. Finish your cell phone call before using a public restroom.
Oh yes, y’all. Los Angeles ladies’ rooms are abuzz with private conversations made public.
Some people might argue that there are exceptions to this rule. Aren’t bathroom-stall phone calls OK during a work emergency? How about when you’re talking to someone who’s difficult to get on the phone?
The answers are “no,” and “never,” respectively.
Talking on the phone in a restaurant is bad enough. Talking on the phone in a restroom is crass and unhygienic. 

Poor Emily Post would be appalled.
Does this ever happen in mens’ rooms? It must.
Cannot bear the imagery.
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