Celebrity Intervention: Jessica Simpson

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome AnnabelManners.com alumna Jessica Simpson, shown here in a sweater the size of Canada and no pants. If you believe the gossip sites, she chose this getup for a recent family photo shoot.

Stranger still, the pop-star-turned-merchandise-mogul seems to really like the thing. The green monster made another sinister appearance at LAX last month, this time (mercifully) paired with jeans.

Now, obviously Jessica is a very cute girl who has a zillion dollars at her disposal. It’s high time she hired a fashion professional to:

  • Wrestle her to the ground
  • Forcibly remove said sweater
  • Teach her about the perils of over-sized clothing on short people
  • Purge her closet of mom jeans, tight dresses, and any other ill-advised knits

My pick? Celebrity stylist Britt Bardo, who:

  • Has worked with Jennifer Lopez (therefore understands curves)
  • Grew up in the Midwest (thus will relate to Simpson’s down-home roots)
  • Now resides in Los Angeles (and can be at Chez Simpson in 20 minutes)

Jessica, honey, I know blind dates can be daunting, but give Britt a chance.

I predict you’ll have a long, happy relationship and wonder why you didn’t meet years ago!

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  1. Perhaps, Annabel your just jealous that even in "ugly clothes" Jessica Simpson still looks way better than you do in nice clothes.

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