Which Celebs Need A Manners Makeover?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always thought that in times of crisis, civility matters more than ever. Let’s lighten the mood with a look at three celebs who could use an Annabel Manners Taste Makeover….

The Boorish Brit

First we have a case of loutish behavior captured on film. Say hello to television personality Simon Cowell, who’s shirking his gentlemanly duty by not helping this floundering female out of the car. It doesn’t matter whether she was his date for the evening or not. Offering a hand is the mannerly (and manly) thing to do. I’d also like Mr. Cowell to consider buttoning his shirt, lest he look like a wee little pirate.

The Enfant Terrible

 Next up is underwear enthusiast Justin Bieber. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but while he was in Amsterdam, the pop star stopped tweeting shirtless self-portraits long enough to visit the Anne Frank House. He signed the guest book with, “Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber.”

(For those not steeped in teenybopper culture, a “belieber” is a Justin Bieber fan.)

To be fair, many of us were narcissistic twits at the age of 19. But honestly, who turns a visit to a Holocaust museum into an opportunity for cringe-worthy self-promotion? This boy needs a minder whose entire job is faux-pas patrol.

The Accidental Floozy

Finally, we have a country musician who’s perilously close to losing her LBD. Miranda Lambert won big at the Academy of Country Music Awards — there was no need to let her ta-tas do the talking. As true fashionistas know, it’s possible to be sophisticated, fashionable and fetching without exposing giant swaths of skin. (Side note: this particular awards show was rife with fashion missteps. Sheryl Crow wore a dubious denim jumpsuit, Carrie Underwood was overpowered by flowers, and Shania Twain looked weirdly Wiccan.)

Dear misguided stars and starlets: stop hobbling around gracelessly. Seek help on etiquette, style and gracious living. I’m only an email away! 🙂

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