Celeb Monogrammers

Stars — they’re just like Us!

They monogram their slippers!
Above, we have Brad Pitt at the Spanish premiere of Inglorious Basterds rocking a pair of initialed kicks.
Nice, right? But on closer inspection…
Well, they don’t quite work.
First of all, why two initials instead of three? According to Wikipedia, his full name William Bradley Pitt, therefore his slippers should read WPB or WPB.
Secondly, the font isn’t exactly tasteful and understated.  And the slippers themselves are strangely costume-y.
But on the other hand, he still looks handsome (obviously), and the shoes do complement the rest of his red-carpet getup.
Here’s my theory: those slippers were a gift from one of his children. They’re the footwear equivalent of, say, a macaroni necklace.
Which makes Brad Pitt one cool daddy.
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