Cagey Communication

Ever been in a situation like this?
You dial someone’s phone number and think, “Please Lord, give me voicemail. Two rings… Three rings… Four rings… YES!”
Well, now there’s a free service that guarantees you won’t have to talk to an actual human.
Check out slydial!
Just call the number listed on the website, follow the voice prompts, and enter any mobile phone number. Like magic, you’ll skip straight to voicemail.
Sure, it’s sneaky, but I’m intrigued by the game-changing possibilities.
One could easily break a date, call in sick without answering any follow-up questions, or RSVP to a party without risking an hour-long chat with the garrulous girl down the street.
It really caters to people who text instead of calling because they don’t have the time or inclination to actually talk to anyone.
What do y’all think? Will our social skills suffer?
Is this technology brilliant, backhanded, or both?
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