Bridesmaid Revisited

Dear Annabel Manners,

I’m a bridesmaid in my sister’s wedding in northern California. (I live in L.A.)

I am going up north for the wedding (obviously), the bachelorette, and a big bridal shower given by our mom’s friends, all on different weekends.

I just got an invite to ANOTHER shower thrown by one of the other bridesmaids. Do I have to go? Do I need to send a gift?

— Maxed Out

Dear Miss Maxed,

Fret not. No one could possibly expect you to travel north for yet another round of petit fours, especially in the current economy.

Be sure to let the hostess (and your sister) know how much you appreciate the invitation and that you’re sorry to miss out on the fun.

If you can swing it, send a small present for the bride to open at the party. It would be a lovely gesture on your part, though it’s certainly not required.

It sounds like you’ve been very generous already, and you’ll have several other opportunities to shower your sis as the big day draws near.

You lucky thing, you!

Graciously yours,


P.S. Dig the dress in this pic? Click here.

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