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Hi Annabel,

I am getting married in October and my fiance and I are having an adult-only reception. I know it is not appropriate to invite people to your bridal shower who are not invited to your wedding, but what about children?
Do I include people’s children on my bridal shower invitations if I am having an adult-only reception?
Thank you,
Dear BtB,
While it may be tempting to invite younger friends and family members to your bridal shower, it really isn’t appropriate unless they’re also invited to the wedding.
This old rule still applies (even for the littlest would-be wedding guests). Showers are full of wedding chatter and anticipation, and you wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by carrying on about a fun event they won’t get to enjoy.
Also, it sends a clear message to moms and dads that this wedding is for grown-ups. Book a babysitter if you plan to attend!
One exception: if you’re having flower girls or ring bearers, be sure to include them in all the festivities. (They’re part of your wedding party, after all.) It’s up to their parents to decide which tulle-fueled events they will attend.
Graciously yours,


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