Bridal Bargains

Yesterday, a reader named Emily’s Engaged asked if Claire Pettibone is expensive.
The answer is somewhat, but they have sample sales.
That means a savvy bride-to-be can get a dress other people have tried on for about half the original price. According to the website, most gowns are in very good condition and will just need alterations and minor refreshing.
The Etoile gown shown here was originally $7,000 and is now $3,500. Isn’t it lovely?
West coast brides should also consider Glamour Closet, a boutique outlet that sells nothing but designer samples.  They have stores in Los Angeles and San Francisco.
If you’re near Atlanta, try Kelly’s Closet. Their annual sample sale is this weekend (June 5-6) and next weekend (June 12-13). Don’t miss it!
In this economy, I bet lots of upscale bridal boutiques are having sample sales. Investigate online. Make some phone calls. There are deals to be had!
Best of luck to Emily and all other stylish brides-to-be!
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