Book Club Snub

Dearest Ms. Annabel Manners,

What is the correct way to break up with one’s Book Club?
By way of background, the Book Club I joined two years ago recently received its 21st member. Unfortunately, our dear leader did not see the wisdom of limiting membership, nor did she seek approval from the other members before issuing multiple invitations. Alas, some of our new members are what one might term “NOKD,” and I feel I’m no longer a good fit with the group.
Thank you for your gracious attention to my dilemma.
Dear H,
Hmmmm. So in other words, the group is now overrun with romance-reading philistines who think book club is a reason to get together and drink wine? That actually doesn’t sound so bad, but it’s an entirely different kind of club.
It seems like you and this leader simply have contrasting ideas about what the group should be. There’s no need to launch into an elaborate story about why it’s not for you. Just be clear and concise.
“Hi Mary, it’s H. I’m sorry to say I have to drop out of book club. My schedule has gotten much busier, and I just don’t have the time for it anymore.”
Alternatively, you can say exactly what was in your letter to me — that you’re no longer a good fit for the group. Be friendly and polite, but stick to the script. The time has come to step aside. Avoid going into too much detail or talking about the current state of the club.
If you choose to start a splinter group of like-minded readers, I suggest you wait a few months. Tread lightly. Poaching too many members may cause a rumble at the library! 🙂
Graciously yours,
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