Billion Dollar Babies

I know a woman (let’s call her S) who’s the proud mother of an adorable little girl named M.
This weekend is M’s birthday, and S graciously invited me to the party. I happily R.S.V.P.’d in the affirmative and asked if there was anything I could do to help.
A frazzled S shook her head no, ran a hand through her rambunctious dark curls, and said the details were under control. By “details” she meant the catering, valet parking, bounce house, and petting zoo.
I don’t mean to be fussy, but I think this is in questionable taste, especially during a recession.
After all, baby M is turning one.
Several questions sprang to mind:
1. Is this new money run amok or just a loving mother going overboard?
2. Are we all cognizant of the fact that M won’t remember a lick of this?
3. Is In Style magazine secretly covering the soiree and no one told me?
And finally:
4. How on earth does one shop for this child?
After much consideration, I decided there are only two ways to go. Either I gift M with one of my favorite children’s books, or I choose a worthy cause and make a charitable donation in her name. Ideally to an organization that benefits less fortunate kids.
Speaking of outrageous consumption, the dress pictured above is by baby Dior. You can nab one at Neiman’s for a cool $415.
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