Auld Lang Wine

Here’s a little tip for celebs who wish to start 2009 on a tasteful note:

When someone asks you to pose for a picture, for heaven’s sake put down your cocktail.
TABLOID QUEEN: Not at all, give me just a sec.
With that, simply hand your drink to a friend, blot your lips, and vamp.
You’re not at a fraternity party. You’re not 17, triumphantly proving that someone’s fake ID actually worked. And what if you eventually go to rehab? Who wants all those boozy photos floating around as evidence of your rapid decline?
But back to chateau Simpson-Wentz. Two things:
1. Hurrah for Ashlee’s blond hair! (When it’s red, she looks like Priscilla Presley.)
2. On top of everything else, poor baby Bronx Mowgli has very unfortunate initials.
Happy 2009, everybody!
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