Antithetical Celebs

Let’s begin with the good news, shall we?

Here we have Full House alum Candance Cameron Bure pulling off my new favorite look, Posh-Casual.
This outfit may look basic (white blouse, black shorts, heels), but the quality of ingredients makes it fabulous.
  • Impeccable fit
  • Great fabric
  • Inspired accessories
  • Authentic red-carpet confidence
Nice work, DJ Tanner!
On the flip side, poor Lady Gaga will do anything for attention, up to and including setting her ta-tas on fire.
In fishnet stockings. And a black leather, um, swimsuit. Covered in metal studs.
She must not know the old preppy axiom:
Get completely dressed for a party, then remove one piece of jewelry (or in her case, one outrageous element).
Because flaming curves say it all, really.
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