About The Blog 

AnnabelMannersbyMaggieMcAlister_Annabel Manners is a blog for Grace-Kelly girls trapped in a Kardashian world. It answers modern-day etiquette questions with a wink and demystifies every possible topic from social media protocol to wedding party woes.

Manners are inherently chic, and gracious living is just more fun! Why not glam it up? Order your own monogrammed stationery. Use your wedding china to serve takeout. Collect heirloom jewelry and be the first person in your family to pass it down. Learning a few mannerly moves can help you personally, professionally and socially. And it’s never too late to begin.

Annabel Manners gets her voice from Maggie McAlister, a writer and brand strategist in Los Angeles. Don’t be intimidated by etiquette questions. Expert help is just two clicks away!

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